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Our mission is to turn data into substantial and sustainable business value through innovative digital solutions

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    at scale
  • End-to-end digital
  • Predictive maintenance 4.0 solution
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Impact at Scale

examples from MODEC’s
offshore fleet

  • 09

    vessels digitally enabled and connected in our Data platform

  • 90
    Mn USD

    yearly run rate on incremental oil production in the fleet

  • 87 %

    of reduction of downtime events addressed through AI Models

  • 500 +

    Models live and operational on our fleet

International recognition

Powered by Shape, MODEC is the 1st of its kind to be recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Lighthouse in digitalization

  • 1st Oil Upstream Company
  • 1st Japanese Company
  • 1st Site in Latam

Unique value

digital service

provider for industrial companies

Holistic data driven solution

Predictive maintenance

detects early signs of deteriorating performance so action can be taken proactively and failures prevented

  • PdM 1.0

    Condition-based maintenance

    + more

    Sensors trigger alarms based on pre-defined thresholds, with field operators monitoring a myriad of information

  • PdM 2.0

    Equation-based predictions

    + more

    Equations derived from specific failure analyses allow early identification of potential issues (e.g. harmonic vibration analyses)

  • PdM 3.0

    Fit-for-purpose analytics suite

    + more

    Advanced analytics models monitor specific equipment, deriving insights from data in real-time

  • PdM 4.0

    analytics system

    + more

    Full asset(s) multi-source analytics system managed through a monitoring center, deriving insights from operators trained on how to best respond to predictive failure events

Who we are

of distinctive

  • brings extensive experience in construction and operation of FPSOs to ensure that solutions address the most relevant problems for O&G clients

  • provides access to a global portfolio and experience in funding and growing businesses

  • contributes with technological innovations and tools to disrupt the industry - Microsoft Azure Cloud

The best

in the most exciting places in the world

We are looking for provocative, independent-thinkers to join our talented team.

  • Product owner
  • Data engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Developer
  • Product owner analyst
  • Designer


Built with cutting edge tech infrastructure for accelerated applications development under robust data security

1 Impact enabler Safe and efficient core Smart data ingestion Delivery accelerator 2 3 4

Our Data platform is built around 4 principles

  • 1

    Enable access to the right data in the right place at the right time for applications tuned to industry reality

    + more

    Tailor-made applications optimized for industries

  • 2

    Provide a secure environment, best-in-class data governance and the latest technology

    + more

    Secure cloud and edge environments for data transferring, storing and processing

    First-hand access to Microsoft’s latest technology

  • 3

    Optimize data scanning and ingestion

    + more

    Ingest and integrate different data sources to extract valuable insights

  • 4

    Use of Agile DevOps practices to empower developers

    + more

    CI/CD (Continuous Integration & Delivery) through DevOps

    Fully modular and access-controlled development environments


Suite of Predictive maintenance applications developed with the latest technics and calibrated on a vast data lake to deliver the highest impact throughout the asset ́s lifecycle

Industrial assets Equipament 01 01 02 02 03 03 04 04 05 05 06 06 07 07
  • Actionable

    Use of Agile DevOps practices to empower developers

    • - CI/CD (Continuous Integration & Delivery) through DevOps
    • - Fully modular and access-controlled development environments
  • Continuous support and improvement

    Our Applied Solutions team offers support throughout the lifetime of your asset as well as continuous improvement of our applications to guarantee tangible and measurable impact for your business environments

  • Go beyond
    with Shape Lab

    Be in the foref ront of digitalization in the industry as our R&D division brings innovative solutions to deliver impact to your operations


Proven methodology and expert teams to redesign processes and operations for optimal user experience

Easy workflows

Simple web-based workflows help experts go from data to action, while creating traceable record that can be leveraged

Changing mindsets

Our team work closely with end users of each application, integrating their expertise and crafting tools that empower decision making